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Alle können mitmachen! / Foto:
Alle können mitmachen! / Foto:

Sharing in the happiness of others - Everyone has skills that can be used for the benefit of others, even if they seem insignificant to you personally. As part of our organisation, we develop solutions for individual people or groups as well as concepts for an overall solution to problems. We work locally and globally. By becoming a member of the organisation, you can be part of a larger whole and work together to create a society worth living in.

Hans Mörtter

You can become a paying member for €12 per year or more. Everyone donates what they can or what they think is right. We saw this with the Christmas wish campaign, the smallest donation was €1, the highest €10,000 and every donation has its value, because for some a small donation is a greater sacrifice than for someone with a large one. Without being a member of the organisation, the promise of a regular annual donation is also wonderful.

But we also need people who can contribute their ideas, connections/networks, expertise and opportunities, who can think big. It could also be volunteer support for a child from a precarious background with their homework, or free music lessons from musicians, or taking such a child to the zoo or out for ice cream. This strengthens the child and relieves the parents.

Anyone who speaks languages could act as an interpreter, not only for English, but also for French, Arabic and other languages. - People are needed who are good at acquiring donations, have a van for transporting goods to the refugee camps, storage space for collected clothing and other needs, or someone who can provide office space free of charge or at low cost, etc.

If someone else's "happiness" is successful, you experience happiness yourself and share in the happiness of others. You pump energy into an action, but you also get a lot of energy back.


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